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Evan D, Morris, PhD
Professor of
Radiology and Biomedical Imaging,
Biomedical Engineering
Co-Director of Imaging Section
Yale PET Center
Yale University

evan.morris AT yale.edu

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Heather passes area exam! Moves on to 'candidacy'.

Oct 2018

Heather hosts "Off the Beaten Path"- women iu different careers. For GradSWE

Feb 2019
eva on bike Closer to Free 2018

Evan completes 100K "Closer to Free" ride. Raises $1600

Sept 2018


Aishwarya and Bart (and Evan and Suchita and friends) publish new finding on Kappa receptors in Alcoholism.
Suppl. 1, 2, 3

Oct 2018
Evan, Kelly, Michelle, Sherry & Ray get BIG NIH R01 grant on stress and relapse.

Aug 2018

Coverage of marijuana smoking project

Aug 2018
Evan's review of  "The Gene" appears in special issue of  YJBM on gene editing.
Dec. 2017

Katina completes oral exam!
July 2018

Evan discusses dopamine movies  on Podacst for MIT Alumni Assoc
June 2018

Yasmin graduates
May 2018
Bart defends thesis!
Dec 2017

Yasmin defends thesis!
Mar 2018
Ryan and Shuo graduate!
May 2017

Heather publishes first paper!
Oct 2017
Ryan paper published in Translational Psychiatry

Successful end to RCR course, ENAS 508
May 2017
Shuo paper piublished in Neuroimage

Successful end to Fall 2016 Semester


Yasmin passes Prospectus exam!
Oct 2016


Shivani passes Qualifier!

Kelly wins Pioneer Award from WHRY. Evan and Kelly (and Elisa) featured in WHRY Newsletter
Oct 2016


Aishwarya's finding on Sex differences in Kappa Opioid Receptors is covered in Yale Daily News
Oct 2016
shuo defense

Shuo Wang successfully defends PhD thesis

July 2016

full prof  

Evan and Suchitra graduate! Promoted to Full Profs with tenure
July 2016

small money
Kelly and Evan win grant from Yale Office of Women's Health to study marijuana smoking in men and women.
June 2016

ajnmmi cover
Aishwarya's paper on sex differences in Kappa receptors is accepted by AJNMMI
May 2015

Evan and Joe

Evan and Joe featured in Yale Cancer Center Breakthroughs > The Year In Review 2015
Jan 2016

Image result for hadassah hospital logo

(click links for detailed program)

Evan holds international symposium on Advances in Brain Imaging in Jerusalem. Feb 29, 2016

(click link for poster)
Feb 2016

Evan  receives R21 award from NIDA for collboration to do smoking studies in Israel`


israel map

Evan and Kelly featured in Israeli Media
 (Times of Israel)
big money
Evan and Kelly receive R01 award from NIDA to study sex differnences in medications for smoking... via Dopamine movies
Aug 2015

Succesful end to fall semester 2015
Read what people are saying about ENAS 880. (coming soon)
Nov 2015


Evan, Joe receive R01 award from NCI to study EGFR in NSCLC with 11C-erlotinib
May 2015

Evan wins Fulbright Scholar Award for teaching and research in Israel  2015/16

Read coverage in medicine.yale.edu


Shuo Wang wins travel bursary to give oral presentation at BrainPET conference, Vancouver. Mar 2015



Successful end to fall semester 2014.  Read what people are saying about ENAS 880/NSCI 523 Dec 2014

Read some of the   Media Coverage of   Dopamine Movies:

May 2015

Obgyn.net repints Jackie and Evan's article on dopamine movies and PD
Jan 2015

Inostanza (Italy)


World Econimic Forum

Jan 2015

Dec 2014

Hartford Courant

Dec 2014

Dec 2014

Neurology Times
(by Jackie and Evan Morris)

NIDA website
Jan 2015

Dec 2014

Danbury Times

HealthCanal (Australia)

movie still

Kelly, Shuo, Evan and friends publish first lpntPET  results in smokers in Journal of Neuroscience
Full paper here

Nov 2014

Ryan Petrulli passes his Area Exam!

Dec 2014

Aishwarya's research in Malaysia  featured in Yale News

Oct 2014

Ansel's paper on MefWAY is on the cover of JNM and featured in MolecularImaging,net

Nov 2014
video A dopamine movie comparing a woman  smoking to a man smoking. (mp4 format). Right click to download.

video Online course from Epigeum on mentoring. Evan interviewed.
Dec 2013
Ryan's findings with 11C-erlotinib for imaging  lung cancer are featured in summary talk at SNM 2014 in St Louis
June 2014

Sarah Goldberg, Joe Contessa and Evan receive core pilot funding from YCCI to scan monkeys and humans with 11C-erlotinib May 2014

Sujin and friends publish mathematical basis for dopamine movies in Human Brain Mapping
Mar 2014


Evan gives Grand Rounds at Yale Cancer Center. (video)
Mar 2014
yjbm Evan, Molly, Ryan, Kelly, publish review paper on PET Experiments and studies of drinking in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine  Feb 2014

Shuo and Ryan and other lab alumni have abstracts accepted to NRM 2014.
Feb 2014
s and p
Shuo and ACSSY host Gala Celebration of Chinese New Years - see photo. Jan 2014
book Evan, Kelly and Molly Lucas publish an introductory book chapter "How to Study Smoking and Drinking with PET" Dec 2013

blackboard Successful end to fall semester 2013. Read what people are saying about ENAS-880.
Dec 2013


Shuo Wang passes her Area Exam!
Nov 20, 2013
Ryan Petrulli, Joe Contessa and friends have first paper accepted on imaging of mutant EGFR with 11C-erlotinib
Nov 11, 2013


Morris lab (and Hannestad) receives NIH grant, "Endotoxin-induced inflammation affects striatal dopamine: A raclopride PET study"  Sept 2013

Evan to run Phase 1 trial as part of multi-center consortium, "New Experimental Medicine Studies: Fast-Fail Trials in Mood and Anxiety Spectrum Disorders" Aug 2013

Morris and Krishnan-Sarin Labs jointly receive NIH grant "PET imaging of Naltrexone Occupancy of Kappa Receptors in Heavy Drinkers" July 2013
video Morris, Cosgrove and friends publish video article on making dopamine movies in Journal of Visualized Experiments. (video) Jun 2013

Prof. Kelly Cosgrove's work featured in NIDA online publication, "The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction" May 2013

Evan wins 2013 Yale Graduate Mentor Award for Natural Sciences (pics) (YouTube) (download video) (speech text) (SEAS news item)

Nice GSAS news article.
May 2013

Jenna and friends (with another friend) receive Doctoral diplomas May 20, 2013

Shuo Wang presents poster at BrainPET in Shanghai May 2013


Successful end to Spring Semester, 2013. Read what people are saying about ENAS-915 "Tracer Kinetics
Apr 2013
Su Jin Kim's paper on selectivity of 11C-pkab accepted for publication in J Nucl Med
Apr 2013


Yale PET Center featured in monthly Medicine@Yale magazine. Read article here
March 2013
Jenna's paper on limitations of conventional models for describing transient dopamine events published in AJNMMI
Jan 2013

Jenna Sullivan successfully defends PhD thesis
Dec 2012
Successful end to Fall Semester, 2012.  Read what people are saying about ENAS-880 (2012) Dec 2012

Morris Lab receives NIH grant for "Dynamic Dopamine Images: A New View of the Neurochemistry of Smoking" Sept 2012

Posters presented by our group at recent Neuroreceptor Mapping Meeting Aug 2012
Evan presents "PET Talks!" on Intro to PET Analysis to packed house (video)
June 2012


Jenna Sullivan, Su Jin Kim win Young Scientist Awards for submissions to Neuroreceptor Mapping Meeting summer 2012 in Baltimore. (Program) May 2012
Successful end to Fall Semester, 2011.  Read what people are saying about ENAS-880 (2011) Dec 2011

closer to free

Sept 10: Evan completes "Closer to Free" 100 mile bike ride in 7:09:30 + rest stops.  Raises $1750 for Smilow Cancer Hospital. Sept 2011

Cool Images

Dopamine Multi-Movie of cigarette smoking!

Group Photos

Photo of Shuo Wang and friend at Chinese New Year's Gala January 2014

Lab photo from first cookout of 2013

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Evan D. Morris, PhD has been working in the field of PET and functional imaging  for 20 years.  He specializes in kinetic modeling of dynamic image data.  He was trained as a biomedical engineer and before that as a chemical engineer. In the past, he has taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Medical Imaging, Tracer Kinetics, Biomedical Transport, and Biomedical Ethics, among others. For more info about his past classroom teaching at Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), including online lectures (video and Powerpoints) for some courses, please follow the link to his IUPUI website.  Morris joined the Yale PET Center as Co-Director of the Imaging Section in the fall of 2009.

Dr Morris and his students have been working on kinetic models to estimate the dynamics of endogenous neurotransmitters from PET data.  A recent publication in Neuroimage in 2010 demonstrated a novel analysis strategy for creating the first ever “movies” of dopamine action in the living brain. The movies can be viewed here (movie of "early" finger-tapping, movie of "late" finger-tapping).  Altered neurotransmitter kinetics may explain the mechanism of addiction of some drugs.  This work  uses knowledge of numerical methods, biochemistry, image and signal processing, parameter estimation, and programming.  An earlier paper in Molecular Imaging and Biology compared the  estimates of dopamine curves from fitting models to PET data to direct microdialysis measurements.  A collection of papers to result from this project can be downloaded as a zip file here. (~8Mb)  The work was funded by the Whitaker Foundation and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

While in Indiana, Morris and his colleagues focused much of their efforts on the use of PET to understand what makes drugs and alcohol addictive.  Their most recent publication in Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research in 2009 is here.  It represents the first demonstration in humans of the neurochemistry of reward prediction error.  This work uses knowledge of neuropsychology, image processing, experimental study design, neurochemistry, and kinetic modeling.

Prof. Morris is currently interested in the use of PET imaging (of people and animals) with neuroreceptor tracers to understand and improve treatments for Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse and cancer.


Current Active Projects (all use PET imaging and some type(s) of mathematical modeling)

Are kappa opiate receptors important for the treatment of alcoholism?  Are there sex-differences in the kappa receptor system?

Is there a brain pattern of dopamine activation in the brain that represents the signature of addiction to smoking cigarettes? (To marijuana?) (To other drugs of abuse?)

Are kappa antagonists viable medications for the treatment of depression?

What is the precise molecular target of the cancer drug erlotinib that is used to treat lung cancer? Can  we image the target and predict treatment outcome?

How is the pattern of dopamine activation in your brain during smoking altered by treatment?

Does stress add to the likelihood of relapse to smoking? Is dopamine the mediator of this effect?

Job Opportunities

1. Many opportunities for students to do research rotations.  If you are a BME student or an INP student and need a rotation, please email Dr Morris

Past interests of Prof Morris:

Small animal imaging. A recent paper details the design and validation of a stereotactic head-holder for imaging two rats in a PET scanner at the same time.  The paper was published in Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Get it here.

Direct reconstruction of PET data to parametric images.  This work was a collaboration with colleagues at Purdue University and used knowledge of kinetic modeling, imaging physics, optimization and algorithm design.  It yielded the first working algorithm to create parametric images of the four kinetic parameters of the two-tissue model directly from raw (sinogram) data.  The primary paper to result from this collaboration was published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and can be downloaded here.   A new publication  is currently "in press" in  IEEE TMI on this topic.



Course Number(s)

Title  (link to course webpage)


ENAS 915
Tracer Kinetics and Modeling
Spring 2013

ENAS 880 / INP 523
Imaging Drugs in the Brain
Fall 2018
ENAS 880 / INP 523
Imaging Drugs in the Brain
Fall 2016
ENAS 880 / NSCI 523
Imaging Drugs in the Brain
Fall 2015
ENAS 880 / NSCI 523
Imaging Drugs in the Brain
Fall 2014
ENAS 880 /  NSCI 523
Imaging Drugs in the Brain
Fall 2013
ENAS 880 /  NSCI 523 Imaging Drugs in the Brain Falll 2012
ENAS 880 /  NSCI 523 Imaging Drugs in the Brain Falll 2011

ENAS 880 /  NSCI 523

Imaging Drugs in the Brain

Fall 2010

ENAS 503

Ethics and Professional Development for Biomedical Scientists and Engineers

Spring 2011

ENAS 508 (RCR)
Responsible Conduct of Research
Spring 2016
ENAS 508 (RCR)  
Responsible Conduct of Research
Spring 2017
ENAS 508 (RCR)
Responsible Conduct of Research
Spring 2018
ENAS 508 (RCR)
Responsible Conduct of Research
Spring 2019

Old lectures

Perfusion MR


Trips  - and Photos

sujin and julia 201
Julia and Sujin take a ride along the Farmington canal and find the perfect sign (blue).
training ride 201
Riders before an Aug 2011 training ride to prepare for Closer to Free ride
ride with stuart
With Stuart Basseches... somewhere along the Hudson River... on a hot-as-hell ride , July 2011. (100 mi)
welcome to MA
Evan and Bob ride from UConn (Storrs, CT) to Welleseley College (Wellesely, MA) June 2012 (100 mi)

Conference in New Orleans, SNM, June 2008
           photo grid
Lecture in Turku, Turku PET symposium, June 2008
           photo grid (Turku)
           photo grid (Talin, Estonia)
Lecture in  Copenhagen METPETS consortium, June 2009
          photo grid
          photo grid 2 (commuting in Copenhagen)
Lecture in Chicago, BrainPET, 2009
          photo grid
Lecture  at Univ Washington, Seattle, June 2010
          photo grid - Seattle
          photo grid -  Victoria, BC
Lecture at  Univ Glasgow, July 2010
          photo grid
Lecture at Bogazici University (Biomedical Institute), Istanbul, Nov 2010
Lecture at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Nov 2010
Lecture at Univ Wisconsin, Madison, Nov 2010
Lecture at Mass General Hospital, Boston, Dec 2010


BS, BS (Chemical Engineering, Biology) MIT
MS, PhD, (Biomedical Engineering) Case Western Reserve University
Postdoctoral Fellowship, (Radiological Sciences) MGH/Harvard

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