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Assistant Professor of 
Biomedical Engineering
Purdue School of Eng & Tech
at IUPUI &
at IU School of Medicine

office: (317) 274-1802
FAX: (317) 274-8124
Students' office:   278-9841

Office location:
R2, E124
West Walnut St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Also appointed in
Medical Neurobiology,

Psychiatry (adjunct),

Stark Neurosciences Institute

BME at Purdue (West Lafayette)



evan with old bike

Imaging Sciences Division
Radiology Department,
Indiana Univ. School of Medicine

Brief Curriculm Vitae
Includes links to recent papers from Evan and colleagues.

Evan's personal stuff
Family photos etc.

Evan's  Political Weblog

Includes opinionated essays, some made it to radio, letters to newspapers -NOT job related.

Other means of contact:

Tess Baker
Administrative Assistant

(317)  278 5443

Click here for BME (and all engineering) contact pages.

Research Interests: Application of modeling and parameter estimation to dynamic PET (and MR and CT) data in order to investigate interesting and challenging neurochemical questions of mechanism and etiology of neuropsychiatric diseases.

Funding Sources

Current Projects



    BME 404 Ethics (Spring 2009)  draft of complete syllabus here
    BME 595 Medical Imaging (Spring 2009) (Page under construction)
    CLA   08 Imaging Drugs in the Brain with PET (Fall 2008)
    BME 461  Transport in BME (Fall 2008)  Syllabus (ongoing) Click here for Exam 1 figures (Oct 9-14, only) HW #1-8 here in zip
    BME 404 Ethics (Spring 2008) 
    BME 595  Tracer Kinetics (Spring 2008)  (page under construction)
    BME 495 Biomedical Transport (Fall 2007)
    BME 595 Medical Imaging (Spring 2007)
    BME 595 Medical Imaging (Spring 2002, '03, '05 - now offered in spring of odd years. Jump to large icons and click on links to lectures - video and ppt)
    BME 595 Biomedical Mass Transport and Modeling (Spring 2006) Jump to large icons, click on schematic of artery
    BME 595 Tracer Kinetics and Analysis of Dynamic Image Data (Fall 2006) Jump to large icons and click on Krogh's original microscope image of capill
    BME 601 Mathematical Biology (fall 2006 – 5 week module in Introduction to BME course)
    BME 595 Experimental Methods for Biomedical Engineers (Guest lecturer on  PET and fMRI analysis - jump to links for my lectures - ppt)

Lab members
         Jenna Sullivan, BS  
                         Graduate Student (Purdue) in Biomedical Engineering

Emeritus Members 

Abstract accepted to NeuroreceptorMapping meeting

Shannon Risacher, BS                     Graduate Student (IU) in Neurobiology

Cristian ConstantinescuPhD     Graduated from Purdue with PhD in Biomedical Engineering 2007
Tee Ean Cheng, BS, MS                      Graduated from IUPUI with MS in Biomedical Engineering 2007
Mustafa Kamasak, PhD                Graduated from Purdue with PhD in Electrical Engineering

(Emeritus) Associate Members

Presentations at Recent Conferences  (htm best viewed - sorry - with Microsoft IE)

Invited talk at XI Turku PET Symposium
Turku, Finland; May 2008
    Morris: "ntPET: Temporal Characterization of Neurotransmitter Release"

    To see a few pictures of my side-trip to Tallinn in Estonia,
click on amber chess set, below.: 

chess set

Society of Nuclear Medicine, Washington DC, June 2007

Evening outing with Brad Christian's group from Madison.

Neuroreceptor Mapping, Copenhagen, July 2006
   Direct reconstruction poster co-authors
(click on picture for more pictures)

    Kamasak      Morris     Bouman      Christian

Society of Nuclear Medicine, Toronto, June 2005

Society of Nuclear Medicine, N. Orleans, June 2003

              with sharkman   Evan with the Sharkman at SNM 2003

BrainPET03, Calgary, July 2003

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CLASS LECTURES ON MEDICAL IMAGING - video and slides available at these links

Medical Imaging Applications
Spring 2005

Check the homework,  lectures
Spring 2002

Medical Imaging 
Course, Spring 2003

link to BME senior desing page

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Ray Muzic's COMKAT website

We use the COMKAT library of compartmental modeling fucntions to develop our modeling software in Matlab quickly and efficiently.

Rat vs. Rat

ChYale-maileck your IUPUI        or                    Yale Mail


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L     E     C     T      U     R     E     S

"Imaging Neurotransmission and Other Cool Stuff" - Talk to BME dept., Purude, Oct 18, 2002

Press Figure for Evan's recent PET Talk
delivered at Center for BME, UKY Mar '02

Press Figure for Evan's recent talk to Institute for Psychiatric Research at IU School of Med, May '02

Evan's Lab click here


 Evan's Lab Click Here


Cristian's results

Latest paper from our group - published in Molecular Imaging  2005

direct recon project material

Brad and Charlie, click here.

Imaging Sciences Division

Research Update
Calendar of Talk

Introductory fMRI lecture(s)
for Experimental Methods class

          1st lecture  2nd lecture
              Lecture 1             Lecture 2

 Introduction to PET analysis -- curve fitting.
How does PET differ from fMRI?

What is Direct reconstruction ? Click here.

What is ntPET? Click here.

Biomedical Mass Transport and Modeling
Spring 2006

What have piggy banks and pink quarters got to do with

intro to Tracers
tracer kinetics? (Click on pink quarter to find out.)
An introductory talk on intravascular tracers, freely diffusable tracers and the ideas behind tracer kinetic models
Second part, click here.

Krogh image

Tracer Kinetics and Dynamic Data Analysis
Fall 2006

Topics of interest:
Introduction to PET modeling
Dynamic PET modeling
Combining PET and microdialysis
Small animal scanners - quantitation
Dynamic MR modeling
Common ways to use PET imaging of neuroreceptors
Modeling software
Modeling review
Papers to read

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Modeling Software COMKAT

        - developed by Ray Muzic, PhD at Case Western Reserve University -
we use this software in our lab for simulating and fitting compartmental models to dynamic PET data.

Modeling Review Material

"Modeling of  Receptor Images in PET and  SPECT",  Morris, Muzic, Christian, Endres and Fisher, 
appears in M. Ernst and J Rumsey eds., Functional Neuroimaging in Child Psychiatry, Cambridge University Press (2000).
2."Kinetic Modeling in PET"   Morris, Endres, Schmidt, Christian, Muzic and Fisher. in  Emission Tomography , Wernick and Aarsvold eds., Academic

                    Evan's Free Speech Area  (aka Evan's 'blog)

Family Pictures from 2000...
Heart Glasses
Pictures of Elana and Jackie  - August, 2001
Picture of the whole family - September, 2001
Lobster Tale - Nov. 2001
Spring 2002...
Birthday Candles
Spring 2003...
Family at the Grand Canyon
1   2   3   4   5   6   7  
Back to School 2003
Family trip to Sanibel Island Summer 2004
Back to School 2004
Jackie sings with Indianapolis Children's Choir
Adventures in 2005
Elana does Purim2005 - Indian style
Kindergarten Graduate and Mom - Jun 2005
Jackie and fans after 2005 Dance recital
Elana on Father's day 2005
Jackie on Father's day 2005
A few sample pics from Israel trip, summer 2005
       Days 1-2 of Israel trip (Jerusalem)
       Days 3-5 of Israel trip (Jerusalem - Tel Aviv)
           Day 4 - The main event
       Day 5 - Outside Cesaria, Zichron Yaakov
       Day 6 - The Golan
       Day 6 - More of the Golan and extreme sports
       Day 6-7 Extreme Sports, Dude Ranch, Negev, Dead Sea Views
       Day 8 Masada
       Day 9 Ramon Crater in the Negev
       Day 9 More Ramon Crater, Eilat Stones
       Evan's angels show off in Kfar Blum
       Jackie's pictures of Massada
Jackie discusses Boradway Camp in Indy Star
Family trip to California for Soc Nuc Med meeting 2006

Pictures from trip to Copenhagen for NRM 06 (hi-res version; lo-res version) and Oxford (hi-res versionlo-res version)


Elana's award-winning drawing that appeared on Cheryl Nelson's AccuWeatherChannel contest site
(for larger version, click here)

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