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fMRI seminar series


Fall 2011



Talks will begin at 10am and will be held in TAC N203 = (one floor above MRRC). 

Coffee and donuts will be served.


Please join us! 


The full schedule is below: 


9/8 Todd Constable (MRRC)

Title: "The Promise and Challenge of Voxel Based Measures of Intrinsic Connectivity"<= o:p>


9/15 Alan Anticevic=  (Psychiatry)

Title: "Understanding Affective and Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia"


10/6 Andrea Gold (Psychology)

Title: "Staying on Task Under= Threat of Shock: Threat-Induced Stress Influences Functional Connectivity of the Amygdala and Inferior Frontal Gyrus"


10/13 Hilary Blumberg (Psychiatry)

Title: "The Neural Circuitry of Bipolar Disorder:= A Neurodevelopmental View"


10/27 Brice Kuhl&nb= sp;(Psychology)

Title: "Decoding competition between individual memories"


11/17 Luiz Pessoa&n= bsp;(University of Maryla= nd, College Park, Psychology)


12/1 Daphna Shohamy=  (Columbia University, Psychology)=


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to c= ontact me (hedy.kober@yale.edu).