Comments about ENAS 880


Overall I learned a lot about imaging and really enjoyed reading and discussing papers that are outside my research area


A great course!. I'd recommend it for students interested in PET or otherwise too.




Great! Proper methods and applications papers and detaile[ed] explanation really help[ed] me.


Great course.


I really enjoyed the course, and I felt that the title of the course was very informative of what we've learned... I would've liked to see a few more example[s] of SPECT, but overall, I enjoyed the articles chosen.


I greatly enjoyed this course and believe that it tremendously increased my overall understanding of PET/SPECT neuroimaging, what was a deficit in my knowledge.


This was a very enjoyable course -- I'm glad I can now read PET papers.


Very helpful course; one that is stand-alone and great training for grad stuent[s] who want strong basic understanding of imaging techniques


Comments about Professor Morris


"Very good at chalk talks and breaking down very math-heavy material for non-engineers in neuroscience"

" He always posed questions to the class and kept us engaged; constantly gauging how much we understood the material and was patient and found ways to rephrase things if we were lost"


"This guy is really good at this. That's all I need to say."


"...Dr. Morris was the particular strength of the course... I don't see any weaknesses in his knowledge of the material or his teaching style"


"Dr. Morris was an excellent, personable teacher, especially when it came to the underlying basics of the imaging studies... I really think that his explanations were crucial to understanding he material...."


"Evan's part of the course is perfect"


"Easy explanation, repeating of important concept[s] was good."


"Excellent two-way communicator, instructor"


"Amazing, hands down"


"Evan was a fantastic instructor! He has great knowledge and understanding of the literature, he is incredibly enthusiastic and each lecture was very clear. He took what at first seem like very complicated equations, broke them down and ma[d]e the material seem very simple."