Actual comments from actual students about the class ENAS 880, Fall 2013


·        This was one of the best discussion classes I’ve taken

·        Great way to familiarize oneself with PET studies and techniques

·        … relaxed and informative…

·        If you ever felt lost among 100 other students in a big lecture room, Imaging Drugs in the Brain is the class for you.

·        A fun useful introduction to PET to solve your neuro-drug problems.

·        Great environment. Evan guides the discussions without being too hands-on


Actual comments about Professor Morris


·        Evan seems very passionate and interested in the topics, which is very refreshing, and his sense of humor makes some of the dryer material much more interesting

·        Morris is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his subject and this comes through in his teaching.

·        (Instructor’s strengths) – his passion; knowledge; and his attentiveness towards the students to make sure that the concepts were fully covered and there were no unanswered questions.

·        Evan Morris was FANTASTIC – I had no issues with his teaching style or his obvious enthusiasm for the class.

·        He was very passionate about the subject material and seemed to care very much about the students learning the material. He was an engaging lecturer.

·        Evan is a great teacher – enthusiastic & knowledgeable.

·        The instructor was very enthusiastic and of a perfect background to provide valuable insights into this topic. I appreciated that there were always useful comments on my synopses [required homework]. No notable weaknesses.