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Imaging Drugs in the Brain



E. Morris ------ evan.morris at yale.edu

K Cosgrove-----kelly.cosgrove at yale.edu,

M Hampson----michelle.hampson at yale.edu


Term: Fall 2014


Time: Tues 3:30-5:20pm


Location: TAC-N205. We were in TAC N203 for first class. This will have to be re-evaluated.

New NEW Location(s) (revised Sept 18)

All future classes ------- SHM I-304


October 21, 2014 ------ SHM I-116


Syllabus (updated on Sept 18) (this is still in-progress)

Course Flyer



Tips on writing a Synopsis


Answers to random questions

1.      Why do we add cold and hot tracer together?

2.      What is a Hill Plot? A spreadsheet is here for you to play with.


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Academic Calendar 2014/5



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PET Talks! (Joanna Fowler was here last year. Lars Farde is coming on Oct 27 Professor Farde is now coming in March (sorry).


Evan and Kellys excellent journal club