“Strengths: the assigned papers were generally quite good and fit the topics well, and I found it very helpful to write up the synopses. All of the instructors were great.”


“I really liked how Evan, Kelly, and Michelle spent the first part of each [class] going over some of the questions we had in the synopses – this really helped clarify my thinking on a lot of the complex questions.”


“Evan makes it easy for students to ask questions, and it seems like he really tries to be approachable and unintimidating (a rare quality at Yale).”


“Strengths: Funny, knows how to keep class interested

Weaknesses: Needs to learn how to draw brains.”


What is your opinion of the occasional Design-a-thon? “Grant-writing practice and experimental design practice is always very useful. Keep them!”


“Dr Morris was an extremely engaging and enthusiastic instructor”


“The weekly synopses forced me to read the assigned papers more carefully and really struggle with the material. It also provided a means for asking questions I might not have asked in class.”


“The final project was awesome and allowed me to tap creative thinking/writing skills I rarely get to employ as a PhD student in the sciences.”


What is your opinion of the occasional Design-a-thon?  “Loved it. Made the class for me.”


“Great! Very well taught class. Enthusiastic and interesting.  Professors were very enthusiastic and the topics were interesting.”


“Design-a-thons were fun and gave us a chance to apply our own ideas to create a holistic project with a budget.”


“Imaging Drugs in the Brain is an engaging high level course that explores the depth and breadth of Physics and Neurobiology of various neuroimaging methods employed in studying the effects of drugs in the brain.  The class also sharpens students’ skills in extracting, summarizing and communicating the most salient parts of research papers.”