Comments about ENAS 880


This is an amazing course! I`d recommend it to any student. I believe that it`s great to branch out and see/understand what other individuals are doing.


There are no weakness.


People should take this course.



Fun and casual seminar with engaging discussion


Although initial classes and readings were intense, it made the later classes easier.


The readings and the assignments were very helpful.


Great course! I really learned a lot about the material


A major strength was that the class was designed and conducted in a way to allow for a lot discussion. The syllabus was designed very thoughtfully, with each topic building upon older work.


Great. I loved the class.


[required weekly synopses] were very useful. It forced me to read the papers and know the main hypotheses and findings ... It also forced me to think critically about the experiments.


Good interesting discussion.

Good practice at scientific thinking, exciting field.



Comments about Professors Morris and Cosgrove


Dr. Morris was meant to teach. He definitely knows his material and can effectively break down complicated material to those who may not have known much about the subject.


She [Cosgrove] knows her material and is enthusiastic about her work.


Enthusiastic instructor(s)


The biggest strengths are that Dr. Morris and Dr. Cosgrove really know what they are teaching and seem very passionate about their subject.


5+ !!


Both professors were incredibly knowledgeable and good at leading discussion. They balance each other out really well to [help students] understand all approaches to the material. One of the best discussion based classes I`ve taken here.


Both teachers were great.