ENAS 880...Imaging Drugs in the Brain Fall 2012
Draft Syllabus
4-Sep BCMM 101 1 introduction to PET and neuroreceptor imaging Fowler 2007   physics biochem endpoint   Morris
11-Sep BCMM 101 2 imaging dopamine receptors, drugs Wagner 1983 Farde 1986   discuss Fowler       Morris
18-Sep TAC N207 3 imaging dopamine changes (displacement) Fisher 1995 Morris 1995 Koepp 1998   evan's notes       Morris
25-Sep TAC N207 4 smoking/imaging nicotinic receptors Cosgrove 2009 Brody 2011           Cosgrove
2-Oct TAC N207 5 equilibrium vs bolus designs Carson 2000 Marenco 2004 Watabe 2000   Morris
9-Oct TAC N207 6 smoking/dopamine study comparison Brody 2004 Barrett 2004 Scott 2007           Cosg/Morris
16-Oct TAC N207 7 alcohol induced dopamine Yoder 2009 Urban 2010 Boileau 2003           Cosg/Morris
23-Oct TAC N207 8 animal models of drug use Lefoll Morgan           Cosgrove
30-Oct TAC N213 9 alccoholism/opioid receptors/NTX occupancy Weerts 2008 Krishnan-Sarin 2007 Weerts 2011          
6-Nov TAC N107 10 fMRI basics/comparison to PET find a chapter           Morris
13-Nov   11 fMRI applications-compare to PET Wang Stice new           Cosgr/Morri
20-Nov TAC N107 BREAK ????
27-Nov TAC N107 12 amphetamine/cocaine Martinez Narendran Volkow           Williams
4-Dec TAC N107 13(?) Occupancy studies and Pharma drug development           guest lecturer(?)
13(?) Special Topics: Ethics of giving drugs to addicts, healthy controls?           Cosgr/Morris