From: Jenna M. Sullivan [jenna.sullivan@yale.edu]

Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 10:43 AM

To: Morris, Evan

Cc: Kelly Cosgrove

Subject: Re: rac_smoke


For the baseline scan


  1. Make sure filter is ON


  1. Have dose spreadsheet up and running


  1. take time to practice smoking after scan



For the smoking scan...

You need:


1. lighter (in my office)


2. questionnaire sheet


3. basin for ashtray (add some water to it before use - prevents the ashes

from melting the basin)


4. ventilation system (turn on hairdryer)


5. cigarettes (from the subject)


6. spreadsheet for dose determination


Subject smokes 2 cigarettes in a row, starting at 45 min.