Course Evaluations for ENAS 915, Tracer Kinetics  given Spring 2013, Yale University


Comments about instructor


I am fond of Evan’s teaching because [of] his way of teaching, [he is] so nice to the students, and his speed for the international students. He is a very awesome instructor I have ever seen.


Evan is a humorous and dedicated teacher. He speaks slow and clear and uses plain words (as a foreign student, I appreciate [this] a lot) and we all feel he really cares [about] us, which is quite touching. We all hope that Evan won’t get hurt [i.e., offended] by our little [i.e., lacking] participation sometimes.


Thank you for your enthusiastic teaching during the whole semester!


Strengths: knowledge of the field. Has tons of practical experience and motivates exactly when information will be useful in real scenarios. He does a great job of explaining concepts and was very helpful and accessible.


Evan is an expert in tracer kinetic modeling and is extremely good at explaining principles under these modeling methods. He taught every class with great humor and explained the principles very clearly instead of simply deriving equations like in the typical math classes.  We had a lot of fun learning [this] knowledge from Evan. We’ll never forget the Krogh cylinder after Evan baked cookies to explain it.


Instructor tries to explain every principle with easy example (e.g., [a] marathon, cookies…)


In my terms, the instructor’s teaching is very nice. Not only in [terms of] the profound knowledge, but also in the explanation.


Evan should get paid to teach this course on a regular basis.