Evan's smoking and nicotine club

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# Date discussed Author Title Journal date Comment Meeting Time Meeting Location
7. Date author [link to paper and paper title] journal year comment time location
6. Next week [ ] 1:00 pm TBA
5. Next week Vansickel Methylphenidate increases cigarette smoking in participants with ADHD === Psychopharm 2007 2:30 pm TBA
4. 2012-01-27 Vansickel A pharmacological analysis of stimulant-induced increases in smoking === Psychopharm 2011 2:30 pm TBA
3. 2012-01-27 Stoops Methylphenidate Increases Choice of Cigarettes Over Money === Nicotine Tob Res. 2011 2:30 pm TBA
2. 2012-01-20 Gerasimov Synergistic Interactions Between Nicotine and Cocaine or Methylphenidate Depend on the Dose of Dopamine Transporter Inhibitor Synapse 2000 this gives me an idea for improving detectability of smoking effects