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Speakers at PET Talks (SEASON 1)

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Date Speaker Institution Title
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Evan Morris, PhD
Yale PET Center
(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about what we Measure with PET – but were Afraid to Ask
Morris video
12 noon

(come early for lunch)

Brady Auditorium
310 Cedar St


John Seibyl, MD

Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Histopathological validation of β-amyloid -targeting PET tracers: Lessons from the Phase III clinical diagnostic trials

Use of florbetapir-PET for imaging beta-amyloid pathology
Seibyl video

12 noon

(come early for lunch)

Brady Auditorium

310 Cedar St
Gitte Moos Knudsen, MD, PhD

Neurobiology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet and University of Copenhagen

Measuring endogenous 5-HT release with PET

Measuring endogenous 5-HT release by emission tomography: promises and pitfalls
Knudsen video

12 - 12:15 (lunch) 12:15 start

Brady Auditorium

310 Cedar St

2012-03-23 Hubert Vesselle, MD, PhD Div of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle Using PET Imaging to Address Clinically Relevant Oncology Questions, Validate Radiotracers and Improve our understanding of Cancer Biology: The University of Washington experience with Lung Cancer
FLT: Measuring Tumor Cell Proliferation In Vivo With Positron Emission Tomography and 3'-Deoxy-3'-18F Fluorothymidine
Vesselle video

12 noon


Hope 103

315 Cedar
2012-02-14 Oline V. Olesen, PhD Dept of Informatics and Mathematical Modeling, Technical University of Denmark Markerless 3D Head Tracking for Motion Correction in PET Brain Imaging Motion Tracking for Medical Imaging: A Nonvisible Structured Light Tracking Approach
(no video)

4 pm


Boyer Center BCMM 206/208 295 Congress Ave

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